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Video Submission

Video Submission for 2020 ExoGen JAPAN Championship opens on December, 1st of 2019 and closes on December, 30th of 2019. Results will be announced on January 2020.

  • Video must show participant’s skill level of exotic pole dance in heels.

  • Group video submission must show group work.

  • Video may be recorded at a studio.

  • Performance videos are encouraged because they show participant’s level of audience engagement and stage presence.

  • No video edits will be accepted.

  • Minimum length of the video is two minutes.

  • Only links to videos will be accepted (no downloads).

  • Up to three videos may be submitted.

  • If you want to participate in more than one category you must fill out a Competitor Registration Form for each chosen category. You must also pay a Competitor Registration Fee and Video Submission Fee FOR EACH category.


Video Submission Fee                   $ 30 USD

Competitor Registration Fee         $ 90 USD

Human Prop Fee                            $ 45 USD


If Video Submission is accepted, the participant must pay competitor registration fee in the amount of $90USD within five calendar days. If the fee is not paid on time, it will be regarded as a refusal to participate in the competition. If the participant does not pass video submission, there will be no refund of the submission fee. If a participant refuses to take part in the competition for any reason, there will be no refund of any fees paid. All the payment will be +10% TAX.

Please chose your payment option carefully. Send your payment via PayPal  


Directions for Video Submission:

1.    Pay Video Submission Fee (include name of the contestant in payment note)

2.    Fill out Competitor Registration Form

3.    In one email, send attached screenshot of your payment, the Competitor Registration Form, and links to your video(s). ONLY to this email address

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