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1.1. The participant must be 18 years of age or older.
1.2. The participant must not have any medical conditions that may prevent pole dancing or related exercises.

1.3. The participant must comply with and fulfill the requirements put forth by the organizers and their representatives and follow all rules and regulations during the competition.
1.4. The participant has the right to refuse to take part in the competition for health reasons without explaining them.
1.5. The participant cannot be under the influence of any narcotic substance or alcohol during his/her performance.
1.6. Only competitors, coaches, and people admitted by the organization will be allowed in the dressing room. It is prohibited to smoke, drink alcohol, or use any narcotic substance in the dressing room.
1.7. The participant must go on stage according to the order of the competition program.  Missing of his/her order or a delay in entering the stage (for any reason), or causing a delay in the competition program, is regarded as a refusal to participate in the competition and will result in disqualification.

1.8. In case of refusal to participate for any reason, the participation fee is not refundable, and cannot be transferred to another participant.

1.9. The participant, his/her coach, or a member of the audience chosen to speak on behalf of the participant, may speak only to the Head Judge. Under no circumstances may the participant, his/her coach, or any member of the audience speaking for the participant, approach or speak to any other judge.

1.10. All decisions of the judges are final.

1.11. Judges and organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant who has violated a rule/rules at any time during the competition.

1.12. Exotic Generation JAPAN is not liable for any injury or damage incurred by the participant during any stage of the competition.

1.13. It is a responsibility of the participant to read and comprehend all rules, regulations, and procedures of the competition.



2.1. The costume of the participant must be suitable for dance.

2.2. A participant’s clothing should not contain advertising of any brand or studio during the performance.

2.3. The costume should cover all intimate places and should not open when moving.  Cheeky bottoms are allowed. No thong, no G-string, no pasties. Top/bra must cover as much skin as a regular bra.

2.4. It is forbidden to use costumes that include any details made of thorns or other sharp/unsafe objects.

2.5. Specialized footwear is required in the form of pole high heels, high boots, or over-the-knee boots.  

2.6. Gloves and knee pads are permitted during the performance.

2.7. Length of the music for categories Exotic Flow, Exotic Old School, Exotic Hard, New Face, and Exotic Men is a minimum of 3:00 minutes and a maximum of 3:30 minutes. Categories Exotic Theater and Exotic Group are limited to 3:00 min minimum and 4:00 min maximum length of the music.

2.8. The participant must have a copy of his/her music composition on a thumb drive. The name of the music file (.mp3) must contain the name and category of the participant.

2.9. Pole for Exotic Japan we used 1 pole X-pole Stainless. Competitor chooses pole mode from spin or static before performance. Pole mode does not switch during performance. 

2.10. Props are allowed if they do not endanger the participant, judges, members of the audience, and other participants, organizers, and their representatives, or any other persons in attendance.

2.11. Human props are allowed in the categories Exotic Group and Exotic Theater only. Human props are not allowed to touch the pole.


3.1. Stage hairstyle is mandatory.

3.2. Stage makeup is mandatory.

3.3. Ornaments for head and hats are allowed.



4.1. One day before the competition and during the competition, use of moisturizing lotions, creams, and bronzers, etc. is prohibited.

4.2. Grip aids are allowed. No grip aid may be applied on the pole. Participant may check the pole for proper performance mode and cleaning before the start of his/her competition program. If unsatisfied, the participant may request for the pole to be set in proper mode and/or cleaning of the pole.

4.3. Fire/flames are prohibited during the performance.

4.4. If a participant does not finish the routine, he/she will be considered withdrawn.

4.5. No restarts of the performance program are allowed, except for deficient music.



5.1. All athletes confirm that, by taking part in the Exotic Generation JAPAN Championship, they waive all rights of filming and photography and will not receive any compensation for photos and videos taken during the event. All athletes must agree that their images can be used for advertising, training, promotional and commercial purposes by the Exotic Generation JAPAN.

5.2. All athletes agree to be interviewed, filmed and or photographed by Exotic Generation JAPAN approved media

5.3. All athletes must agree to filming/photography at any event in which they appear before, during or after the competition, that is related to the competition (such as workshops, interviews, performances, etc.)

5.4. Filming and photography is not permitted in the changing areas unless with the express permission of the Organizer.

5.5. All photography and footage remains the property of the Organizer.


6.1. Accidental or intentional showing of breast (women) will cause a 10-point deduction for each occurrence.

6.2 Throwing objects off the stage will result in a 10-point deduction for each item thrown.

6.3. Bailing out, falling out, slipping out of a move will result in 20-point deduction per occurrence.




7.1. Concealing or misrepresenting pole dance experience will cause disqualification and removal of all titles and prizes, if any were won by the participant.

7.2. Performing in the competition program under the influence of alcohol, or any other narcotic substance, will cause disqualification and removal of all titles and prizes, if any were won by the participant.

7.3. Unintentional or intentional showing of lower body genitalia will cause disqualification.

7.4. Use of swear words, sexually explicit nouns, slurs, political, or gang themes in music and/or plots of performances will cause disqualification.

7.5. Hanging/pulling on, pushing, kicking the truss will cause disqualification.

7.6. Approaching/speaking to any judge besides the Head Judge by the participant, participant’s coach, or any other audience member on behalf of the participant will cause disqualification and removal of all titles and prizes, if any were won by the participant.

7.7. Unsporting or anti-social behavior will cause disqualification.


8.1. The competitor with the highest score wins.
8.2. In case of a tie, the competitor with the highest score in the Overall Impression criteria wins.
8.3. If the Overall Impression criteria is also a tie, the competitor with the highest score in Choreography Technique criteria will win.
8.4. If the Choreography Technique criteria scores a tie, both competitors will receive the same placement.

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